pretty soon come big holiday for mans and ladies. it xmas. monkey not any more want thing on christmas 2010 list monkey make many month ago. except pirate costume. and dog puppy. monkey have new list for year 2011. here list so reader shop now for monkey. thank you.

pirate costume and buccaneer sword. monkey still not have pirate costume for have fun. pirate costume # 1 priority on top of list. sword  make pirate costume 100 % complete.  monkey need sword for have fun in costume. costume not for every day. just for fun.

red shifted ecto elf. this nice ornament on hallowthanxmas page. monkey want elf for hang on xmas tree if Man put up tree. last year no tree. this year monkey pester Man for tree and hope Man put tree by window for all mans and ladies see when drive by.

ab rocket machine. monkey want have 6 pack ab for show off when go in yard outside and neighbor look. also when monkey travel people look at monkey ab and say wow look at that monkey.

puppy dog have name brittany. monkey think brittany puppy great present for monkey. it have nice look and it play nice with littles and with monkey and Man have plenty room for puppy run around for exercise. Man say already no. but maybe Lady buy puppy for monkey or wear Man down and make Man buy puppy.

drink bird. monkey like look at motion what repeat. like fan go slow on ceiling and like second hand on clock on wall. drink bird repeat and have nice look with blue hat so this good present for monkey.

inflatable beard. when monkey go outside house of Man and Lady this make good disguise. when monkey not want for people recognize monkey and come to monkey and ask many question then monkey put on inflatable beard and people leave monkey alone. sometime monkey not want answer question.

cthulhu for president onesie. monkey think cthulhu make good president for exceptional # 1 usa america land of free home of brave. cthulhu get thing done and fight for mans and ladies and make country better and clean up washington by eat all politician and lobby and rich hidden mans what run washington. monkey want color choice white and size 3 – 6m what probably best fit for monkey body.

flying spaghetti monster flag. monkey afraid flying spaghetti monster real and want flag for wave when monster come for show monkey have friendliness for monster and maybe monster not destroy monkey. flag also good accessory for use with pirate costume and sword. that why monkey want flag.

nail gun. nail gun look like big fun. more fun even than reciprocating saw. monkey promise carefulness when play with nail gun and not shoot at mans and ladies and littles and living thing like bird and dog and etc. only thing what live monkey shoot at like fly what come on porch or hornet what sting. most time monkey shoot at target like old can and thing like that.

pants etc. monkey want pair pants for wear every day. especially when go out house. monkey start have embarrassment when walk around with no pants like donald duck and like porky pig. also monkey maybe too like little wardrobe. monkey like look of trent outfit. nice reader with machine what sew maybe make nice pants and outfit for monkey wear so monkey not walk around with no pants. thank you reader what make pants for monkey for xmas 2011.

that all for xmas list # 1 for 2011. monkey maybe think of more thing monkey want for xmas and make list # 2 later. goodbye today reader. it first day fall 2011 so reader have nice # 1 day fall. go shop for monkey now. or make pants. thank you.