monkey and Man and Lady go nice park for camp in doghouse again last 2 day. doghouse name Man give little camper with wheel for sleep in. monkey have good fun in park where go camp. 1 time only monkey screech in fear when see bald eagle fly in valley what have river in it. eagle have big sharp claw on hand what can shred monkey in little piece. Lady say not worry monkey. eagle far away and cant see little monkey. monkey not believe. monkey know eagle see far with sharp eye and come get monkey. sometime Man and Lady lie for make monkey feel secure but monkey know about lie and feel more not secure. monkey know Man and Lady lie but it ok because it for make monkey calm. here some picture from camp adventure.

here monkey watch Lady make fuss in dognouse. Man say Lady do fuss work and Man do heavy lift work. that the way Man and Lady work like team and not fight most time and stay married. Man call this division of labor. monkey not know what mean that. monkey just watch mans and ladies work.

Lady and Man and monkey walk on path what go to river through wood and meadow and there many wild flower and bee and butterfly. 1 bee come bother Man and Man shoo bee away. monkey ask why not Man smack bee and make dead so not bother Man and Lady. Man say bee just do job and it not business of Man for kill bee for do job. monkey scratch head for show not understand. monkey not want sting from bee. if Man not look monkey smack bee and make bee dead.

park where go Man and Lady and monkey very pretty. there cliff and river and many tree. weather not rain like when go other camp trip so Man and Lady walk around many hour and see nature. Man say park here not dramatic like example yosemite park but it good place go for get close with nature. monkey ask Man why want get close with nature. Man say it where mans and ladies find best part of self. monkey not again understand what Man mean but not want ask Man because Man busy enjoy nature.

in park there many trail for walk on. one trail start here by pond where are trout and turtle and etc. monkey want go in pond for see better fish and turtle but Man say no. Man say monkey disturb nature if go in pond. monkey ask what mean disturb nature if it monkey nature for want go in water for see fish. Man make frown on face and tell monkey no more question today. monkey know it time now for shut big bazoo.

in park there place have name of inn. mans and ladies stay at inn and eat at inn. there nice water fall by inn. it make rush sound and monkey get hypnotize when watch water. there wedding at inn when Man and Lady and monkey visit there. monkey want ask Man why mans and ladies have wedding for get married but not have to ask. Man say to Lady there go a couple optimist. so monkey know why mans and ladies have wedding. they optimist. some time when Man not busy enjoy nature monkey ask Man what is optimist.

here Lady look at car and doghouse ready for go home. it fun in park. but when get home there big unpack and clean doghouse and etc. and then Lady wash clothes in machine and Man mow lawn. Man say that the way it go monkey. life fun and work both not just fun. monkey like have fun better than work. monkey never work. monkey like spoiled useless son in family what is rich. monkey very lucky for live with Man and Lady not make monkey mow lawn and do heavy lift work and fuss work.

that end blog today reader. monkey hope reader not have big work today and can have fun. maybe in nature. monkey now go ask Man what is optimist. goodbye today reader.