# 1 monkey have puzzle over arrest at concert. other day not today there many arrest at rock concert near where Man and Lady live. it on news on televisionon. monkey ask Man why not there arrest at philharmonic concert for drink and drug and disorder like at rock concert. they both music concert have many people go and listen music. Man laugh and say at rock concert there more half wit moron than at philharmonic concert.

# 2 monkey have puzzle over mans cheer at gop debate with republican on channel have name cnn 1 day ago. mans cheer when newsman wolf blitzer ask republican politician ron paul what do you tell a guy who is sick, goes into a coma and doesn’t have health insurance? Who pays for his coverage? Are you saying society should just let him die. those words of wolf blitzer. then some audience cheer and say yeah. Man not laugh and say mans who cheer must be half wit moron think they at rock concert. Man say too it example of republican base energized.

# 3 monkey have puzzle when hear 42 million people in povery in # 1 exceptional usa america land of free home of brave in year 2010. why so many mans and ladies in poverty monkey ask Man. Man not laugh and not have answer.