monkey keep write report for california vacation august 2011. remind reader california # 3 big state in # 1 exceptional usa america.

today monkey have picture of old friend little man. here picture 2 friend. reader see little man have great happiness and smile and laugh. little man run fast and make noise and climb on chair and couch and up little slide in room where sleep. little man do many thing monkey do and have fun.

little man laugh in picture because little man happy human being. not laugh at monkey.

here little man do trick with mama. maybe when little man get big in future he learn more trick for keep balance. monkey think keep balance very important skill for climb tree and swing on branch.

now come picture observatory place Man and Lady visit on top big hill.

Lady look at gas giant planet in display in place on big hill. monkey not understand about solar system and star and galaxy and universe. too big for simple monkey brain. monkey understand small thing only like banana and bird and pirate costume what monkey want for christmas.

next here something what scare monkey in place on big hill.

this picture on ceiling in observatory. monkey not like picture what look like monster. monster not scare Man and Lady. Man say he see enough politician in life and used to it. but monkey still have fear from monster.

today that all reader. next post monkey show picture from big park sequoia with big tree and bear. goodbye today reader. come back later for more report.