today monkey start report of vacation with Man and Lady in #1 exceptional usa america great state california. monkey finish have lag of jet and now can write blog with many picture.

Man and Lady fly with monkey through air on jet #737 again and land in lax what is big noisy airport in los angeles. then go on bus for pick up hertz car. then drive with garmin to b & b where stay for many day. when get to b & b monkey see interesting bath for bird in yard with squirrel and bird. then bird move and monkey screech. it hawk what can shred monkey.

hawk sit in bath for bird and wait for kill other bird and small animal like monkey. Man say not worry monkey. but monkey worry 100 % hawk come back for all five day Man and Lady and monkey at b & b and kill monkey and ruin vacation.

Man and Lady take monkey visit hollywood before go see cirque du soleil show iris in kodak place. while walk around monkey see next picture and ask Man if that church where mans and ladies go for worship elephant and santa. Man laugh and say no monkey. this just place where mans and ladies go for fun.

this not church. this place near hollywood street and highland street. no hawk hide here by stone elephant .

monkey walk with Man and Lady on sidewalk with many star for honor actor. monkey see star for william shatner captain kirk. this monkey # 1 favorite short canada actor so monkey ask Man take picture.

here star for william shatner who really captain kirk on televisionon. monkey like old star trek and hope for fly to star on space ship enterprise some day with bones and sulu and uhura and etc.

monkey go now. Man and Lady go for labor day firemans chicken barbecue in little town where live. monkey feel sorry for all chicken on fire so mans and ladies and littles can eat on labor day. tomorrow monkey write more blog about big california trip. reader come back for picture of old friend little man and giant tree and etc. goodbye today reader. go eat chicken for labor day.