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Man and monkey read about big republican debate fight in exceptional #1 usa america great state iowa. monkey not understand many thing presidential hopeful say but Man say it easy for understand. it just empty jabber and formula and doublespeak and promise and blather and crap spew out from republican robopath brain program and shoot out from noisy mouth. And lady politician bachmann from great granfalloon state iowa win. monkey ask Man what politician bachmann win.

Man say not sure but think maybe politician bachmann now have opportunity for get lot attention on public stage for many day more. Man say get lot attention one big reason pathetic man or lady want be politician. it motive what lie under surface Man say. very hominid Man say.

monkey wonder what come next for many republican robopath presidential hopeful. Man laugh and say monkey can count on more of same. much more.

goodbye today reader. monkey already sick hear from blabbing robopath republican. and not look forward for hear democrat robopath blabber  too.