monkey have more duh moment while read economy news. it say demand down. that mean consumer not want spend and want keep money. monkey say duh. big brain of educated economist mans and ladies live in world of number and theory and ideology. not on planet of real street world. big educated brain of economist say oh not worry in long run every thing bounce like ball back as hard as fall.

not educated simple brain of monkey make monkey scratch head for not understand. monkey see sometime how some thing fall and just stay on ground. like rotten piece fruit fall from tree. it go on ground and rot on ground. maybe it roll down hill and go more low until hit bottom where are many rock. or bird die and fall on ground. dead bird not get up with bounce. maybe economy not like bouncy ball. maybe it like rotten fruit or dead bird. maybe monkey metaphor better than economist metaphor.

Man say it better not think in metaphor sometime monkey. metaphor kind of mental map and map never same as territory. it better look around for see what mans and ladies do for real in suck economy. example please say monkey.

Man say ok and explain to monkey brain how Man not plan for buy new car for many year and keep old car for 10 or 12 year and repair car. Man say ok again. Man save money for spend when Man and Lady get sick and not spend money on new item what Man want only. now Man and Lady most buy just what need and pay bill. once a while maybe Man and Lady splurge and go buy little item. but not big item. Man and Lady not rich and not can afford think with metaphor and not can afford be big help for boost economy. same with other mans and ladies who friend of Man and Lady. all wonder when big thud of economy come.

monkey have fear for future but Man laugh and say not worry monkey. worse come to worst and Man know how make spring snare for catch animal for eat and solar still for get water. and emergency first aid. etc. Man say too he have good barter skill. and have skill with weapon.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader prepare for future and say good luck again.