monkey read somewhere today job hire not keep up with population growth. simple monkey brain say duh. here how simple brain of monkey see big big picture of earth world and human being.

  • population of human being grow and grow like bacteria in little dish.
  • earth planet not endless in space and resource. same thing in little dish.
  • only so much to do and so much to make on earth planet and in dish.
  • pretty soon human being have no good place grow into anymore and resource for keep alive hit bottom. same in dish.
  • then earth planet and dish become big stink mess.

monkey wonder how many year more big invention of money and economy and endless growth and progress keep human being from go down tube and live again in donkey cart world. monkey make suggestion you go see best job for future world 2100 and get ready for future. good luck reader. good luck say monkey to future generation. monkey say goodbye today reader and good  luck.