monkey see republican make many pledge for cut cap balance and for marriage vow and for taxpayer protection vow etc etc. monkey think gop maybe have pledge addiction for get vote. monkey have new 100 % super pledge for republican sign for show they good for lead we the people not bamboozle we the people. here monkey new pledge for republican for cut and paste and print and sign. pledge work too for democrat.

here why i good for lead mans and ladies of # 1 exceptional usa america land of free home of brave.

i keep nice clean body and wash hand when use bathroom and before eat and shake hand of voter mans and ladies.

i keep mind open not just run brainless program of ideologue and interest group. i remember i have job represent we the people not hidden plutocrat  and loud little interest group what have narrow view or little mind. or no mind.

i fair and use level head when work with other mans and ladies. not bully and bluster and bray like jackass and posture like baboon.

i honest answer hard question about what i think and do and not dodge question and divert attention and shift blame etc.

i not fling poop for get elect. i say specific what good i do for we the people when get elect not screech what wrong other politician who run for same job.

i not say 1 thing do 1 other thing like say gay people bad and then go in public potty do gay thing or say marriage sacred and cheat on wife and or have serial wife. that mean i not big phony liar.

i not say i accept full responsibility when screw up and next run go hide till dark cloud blow away. i screw up and i say right away yes i screw up and i sorry and i do this for make up for bad thing i do. especially when break pledge.

that all simple monkey brain think today for pledge. maybe more come later into brain of monkey. goodbye today reader. maybe reader share pledge with politician reader know or have for friend.