it 100 % hot humid today here where Man and Lady live. it cool under bed and monkey stay under bed where too hide from monster and politician and plutocrat and asteroid and comet and plague and hawk and owl and snake.

simple monkey brain have hint for reader keep cool when it hot 100 % and mans and ladies sweat hard and not fit under bed. here hint for keep cool.

  • if have air condition machine turn on air condition and turn too on floor fan for blow around cold air. if not have air condition try what come next.
  • make air condition machine with little car radiator with fan and pvc pipe and hose etc and put in hole in house wall you make. now have air condition. maybe find diy plan on www internet.
  • if not work good with hand for make air condition machine go store and buy big fan. next go hire unemployed man or lady for wave fan on hot body. fan cool off body and hire unemployed good for economy. this win win.
  • take off clothes and sit in chair in back yard under tree leaves with breeze. if not bother neighbor or police and there not many bug for bite skin and make itch and pain. if not have tree then plant tree and wait for tree grow for make nice shade for sit in.
  • go in cool cellar and lay body with no clothes on floor. if no werewolf in cellar. if werewolf in cellar not try cellar idea.
  • go in freezer machine and find froze pea package. put package on top head or back neck. it make very cold sensation.
  • go mall where cold air blow from ac. find place sit in mall and read book in cold air. can shop too and that good for economy.
  • fill cold water in tub and sit in tub. maybe too put many tray ice cube in water. when sit in water maybe have time for think good idea for what do when not sit in water. when water get warm take nice bath.
  • cut from head all hair so hair not make warm blanket on head and make heat. leave eyebrow for catch sweat run down face. can shave too arm and leg. maybe other place too.
  • go big supermarket and hide in room where ac keep beer cold. it very cold in beer room. if other man or lady come in beer room pretend look for best beer. like magic hat or red stripe or etc.

that all today reader. monkey now go under bed again. it good time think what next post about. maybe joke. maybe good idea for what do when cold.