today Man say monkey owe reader big fun joke after monkey blog yesterday horrify with boil meat recipe for future earth planet. monkey make scratch on head for show not understand why yum yum boil meat recipe horrify. it easy and show how robopath politician and rich mans and ladies useful in future world. Man say gee whiz monkey you really do have simple brain after all. now tell joke. monkey say ok what joke. Man say tell cuckoo clock joke that a good one. and apologize for yesterday recipe post. ok. monkey say sorry today reader and here joke.

man get married and little while later bunch friend invite man for go out to bar and have good time. man say to wife ill be back by midnight.

man have good time with friend and tell joke and story and drink and get drunk. when he look at clock in bar it say 3 in morning. oh oh man think. this big trouble. it take me 1 hour get home and wife light sleeper.

when man get home and open door cuckoo clock go cuckoo 4 time. man have fast idea and go cuckoo 8 more time. man proud of idea and think even when drunk can get out of big trouble. then man go quiet to bed.

when man and lady wake up lady tell man we need new cuckoo clock. man ask why.

lady say well last night cuckoo clock go cuckoo 4 time. then it cuckoo 2 more time and clear throat. then it cuckoo 3 more time and pass loud gas and then cuckoo 3 more time and start giggle.

monkey hope reader like joke and laugh not like yesterday with horrify recipe. but monkey not sorry for try help mans and ladies live in future #1 exceptional usa america land of free and home of brave. goodbye today reader.