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today monkey not see skunk family so have # 1 big disappointment. Man say too not buy monkey puppy for pet and monkey not ask again.  but Lady say cheer up monkey. we go movie for see new woody allen film. monkey ask what woody allen and Man say he man what make occasional good movie. monkey go in purse of Lady to big dark room where watch 15 minute stoopididity ad for many thing and then watch preview for movie come and then see movie midnight in paris and then go home.

Man and Lady like movie and say it nice little romantic comedy. Man and Lady say it remind of bbc televisionon comedy name goodnight sweetheart also romantic comedy have time travel. monkey now give review midnight in paris. here thing monkey like.

  • nice picture paris. picture make monkey want go paris for walk around paris. in rain.
  • actor man owen somebody do good job play # 1 character gil pender. actor owen not overact and not underact. man owen act just right for show human being in confusion with what he want and with what choice he make. Man say name pender maybe have symbol meaning. maybe pender come from france language word pendre mean hang. character gil pender hang between 2 world and choice. Man like that symbol name idea but monkey say maybe Man overthink. many time Man overthink.
  • time travel idea old idea but monkey like how woody allen use old idea for show how happy place illusion world fun but mans and ladies and monkey have to live in real world so make best of real world. monkey think that true. monkey live in real world but monkey too have happy place where go when real world suck. not paris. but monkey always come back for real world.
  • monkey like woody allen make fun art pedant. pedant word in movie Man help monkey understand. monkey enjoy see woody allen deflate obnoxious pedant. monkey like see woody allen too deflate obnoxious republican businessman and obnoxious prickly wife and obnoxious shallow lady fiance inez of # 1 character. monkey think woody allen do good job with actor. Man help monkey with word obnoxious and prickly.
  • monkey have big fun see actor play many dead author and artist hemingway and fitzgerald and stein and dali and bunuel etc. monkey think wow it nice for meet dead author and artist but can happen just in movie. and in dream.

here monkey conclude review. movie midnight in paris many time better than see skunk family. monkey give movie high recommend and 2 thumb and four star. you go see midnight in paris and you will like. it good movie about meaning of life but not sledgehammer message about meaning of life. it not gormless movie like transformer and zookeeper now in movie theater near you. goodbye today reader.