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monkey learn ex governor # 1 exceptional usa america state sunny california and lady with bony face scare monkey get divorce. monkey wonder what effect this divorce have on monkey. monkey wonder if this like asteroid on way for hit earth planet. Man say it have same effect alien pass gas on planet what circle far far  away star. monkey ask what mean Man. Man say it have no effect on monkey so monkey not clutter simple brain with stoopididity prolefeed crap. monkey say what else monkey and mans and ladies should do. Man make little example list. Man say anything on list better than think about arnold and maria. or inane bland william and kate royalty. here list.

  • read book for learn something about science and math and history etc.
  • go walk in woods nature with many tree for see interesting bird and animal and bug.
  • go shop for food in can and water in bottle for dark age around corner and learn too emergency first aid.
  • plant little organic garden for nice clean vegetable.
  • start learn new language free at bbc.
  • go ride bike. not take cell phone and other screen so no stop for talk and look. just ride.
  • play game chess. if not know how play chess then learn play chess.
  • have nice talk with good nice friend about meaning of life.
  • feel good by spiff up by clean under nails and cut hair in nose and ear and trim eyebrow and give teeth good brush.
  • patch computer and update old program that risky for run.

monkey ask Man what Man like best from list for make recommend for monkey. Man say learn chess monkey and we have fun use brain for think and not waste brain energy in prolefeed media fog. monkey not sure 100 % what Man mean. monkey ask Man if learn how play rubiks cube good idea for list. Man say that good idea too. Man say see monkey. it not hard find better thing do.