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here today simple brain of monkey have question about royal couple kate and william.

monkey see and hear  royal couple kate and william travel around nice o canada and later go visit exceptional # 1 usa america. monkey ask Man for vocabulary for describe royal kate and royal william. Man say try inane and bland. monkey say thank you Man again for word help. monkey have still puzzle why mans and ladies have big interest in inane bland royal thing. here example what puzzle monkey.

  • monkey hear not royal ladies have big interest in outfit clothes inane bland royal kate wear on body and ladies run for buy clothes like inane bland royal kate wear. monkey think maybe ladies have big hole in life and want fill hole with imitate royal lady. monkey think maybe that pitiful and ask Man if that pitiful. Man say yes monkey it pitiful and # 1 exceptional example stoopididity. Man say if inane bland royal kate wear bunch banana on head many ladies run go food store for buy bunch banana for put on head. same thing happen if inane bland royal kate decide wear calamari hat and cut hole in watermelon and wear for shoe.
  • monkey see big crowd follow inane bland royal couple and have smile and give flower and clap and take picture and want shake hand and touch inane bland royal kate and william. monkey ask Man why. Man make shrug with shoulder and ask why baboon kowtow to # 1 baboon in baboon troop. Man say it just example unevolved hominid behavior. monkey make scratch on head for not understand what Man mean but Man say next question please monkey.
  • monkey think maybe big trip royal couple make in continent of north america cost many dollar and where all dollar come from. Man say it not dollar it pound and some pound for support inane bland royal family come from unearned wealth treasure chest of royal family and some pound come from pocket of british mans and ladies. Man say british mans and ladies not get much for pound other than 100 % prolefeed churn out by media for make brain of citizen numb or dead.

monkey have more question but Man say that enough today monkey. it time think about thing worth spend time think about. monkey ask Man what that. Man say well maybe think about why human being species mans and ladies not come up with way for stop slide back to donkey cart civilization.