monkey go wedding 3 day ago with Man and Lady. monkey see many puzzle thing happen and have many question. Man have 1 answer for all question. Man say whatever monkey see at wedding it hominid thing. this answer of Man for many question monkey have about human being. okey dokey say monkey. here question.

  • why bride lady wear big dress and big thing on head. why groom man not wear big suit and have big thing too on head .
  • why mans and ladies in audience blow many bubble and clap when wedding done. what mean clap and many bubble fly in air for wedding end.
  • why bride lady and groom man not know how make better nice step for dance # 1. look like just walk around not dance like dance with star or think you can dance  or america got talent.
  • why bride lady and groom man give kiss when mans and ladies bang on glass with spoon and fork. monkey wonder what happen if mans and ladies bang 1000 time on glass with spoon and fork.
  • why dj man make 100 % loud music so Man and Lady have make big shout when make little talk with unknown mans and ladies at table for be friendly.
  • why shirt of mans hang out pants when go dance and jump with music. why some mans go on floor and have fun spin around but no lady go spin too on floor.
  • why some mans and ladies never go dance for whole wedding not even when dj man play slow dance music. monkey think it fun for dance and jump and clap and yell and maybe spin on floor.
  • why Man drink more beer from usual number beer. same question why Lady drink more highball. and Man and Lady eat more from usual amount eat. even cake and cookie. Man say ill regret this tomorrow but eat and drink anyway. next day from wedding Man say seemed like a good idea at the time and drink black coffee and have nap on couch in afternoon.
  • why not bride lady and groom man open all present at wedding and say yay and wow and give big thank for money and present at wedding. curious monkey think it fun for see what bride lady and groom man get not keep secret.
  • # 1 big puzzle for monkey equal why bride lady and groom man get married in first place. Man say well monkey theyre optimistic hominids.

that all for today reader. monkey hope nice new married bride lady and groom man have happy world for live in together forever when sick and healthy and when have money and have no money etc. monkey hope all married mans and ladies work hard for make happy world for live in together.