monkey sometime have fear come out every part of monkey. monkey blog about fear before but still have fear. Man ask monkey why have fear. monkey not live in wild. monkey live in nice safe house with Man and Lady. monkey say it just monkey nature. Man say monkey fear = 100 % irrational. monkey not understand what mean irrational and Man say it mean not reasonable and not make sense. Man ask monkey give example what monkey fear. here example.

  • wax george burns in madame tussauds in hollywood. monkey afraid it come alive and find monkey and kill monkey.
  • fall under lawn mower. monkey afraid get shed by sharp fast blade and spread on lawn.
  • blender. same thing with lawn mower. it not so loud like lawn mower but it dangerous.
  • monkey still afraid snake and eagle and hawk and owl grab monkey and eat.
  • bear. monkey go camp with Man and Lady. bear maybe come look for peanut butter and jelly and cereal and eat monkey too.
  • slender monster. monkey still fear slender monster come out from little crack when man not close bedroom closet door tight. monster wait until it all dark & then squeeze out from closet and tear monkey to many piece. monster also under bed so monkey fear fall on floor from bed at night too.
  • cellar. monkey not like darkness of cellar and know maybe there werewolf live under stairs go down cellar.
  • monkey afraid tornado like oz tornado and tornado in south state of #1 exceptional usa america. monkey not want tornado suck up monkey and take monkey to oz and monkey fight flying monkey of witch and flying monkey tear monkey in piece like scarecrow.
  • dr hannibal lecter. monkey see movie silent lamb and not sleep 2 night. maybe dr hannibal lecter under bed or in bedroom closet with monster that live there. or in cellar with werewolf. dr hannibal lecter not nice like restasis dr alison tendler md sioux falls south dakota. she not eat monkey with chianti and fava bean.
  • get sick and take pill. many commercial on televisionon tell monkey talk to doctor and take pill with side effect cancer and hair loss and mouth sore and bloat and hallucination and maybe grow breast and seizure and have pale poop. monkey have big fear get sick and have to take pill.
  • chimp. chimp not cute always and ride tricycle and wear pants and do trick. chimp hunt even and kill other chimp and other kind of monkey. if chimp break in house of Man and Lady then chimp find monkey and murder monkey like wax george burns.

monkey have many more fear and here give just few example. Man say there not 1 thing on list could ever possible happen for rest of time universe exist so monkey have zero thing for worry. Man say monkey better off spend time do positive thing and think positive thing but it not easy for monkey give up fear. maybe monkey fear addict. but monkey try do better job and not think about wax george burns or werewolf in cellar. or dr. hannibal lecter under bed.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope you not have irrational fear like monkey.