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after monkey finish dictate post today Man give post title modest proposal. monkey ask why and Man say because that what it sound like.

monkey brain come up with idea solve many exceptional usa america problem. monkey say just go right to republican end game and let politician make big law for preserve wealth of usa america rich ruling class. alakazam and poof. problem go away and usa america = yay # 1.

here 6 step so far in proposal.

number 1. no more retirement age & minimum wage & social security & medicare & medicaid because not need wasteful entitlement program if no lazy middle class and poor mans and ladies can retire ever. if worker get old or sick while work for ruling class then old or sick worker just go home and die and not burden society. if worker no more useful for ruling class why worker hang around & waste valuable resource like food & space. in nature world bee clean out from hive old useless drone and worker. so it natural for clean out human worker mans and ladies. monkey think worker still useful even when dead. here how. make many factory for collect and process dead worker body for fertilizer and spread on rich man estate garden for make beautiful flower. or maybe feed ground up dead worker to cattle and pig for make yum yum beef  and pork dinner for rich elite mans and ladies and littles. this make good economical sense. Man say monkey lift last idea from other man name johnathan swift but simple brain of monkey never hear about mr swift and come up with idea on own.

number 2. no more labor union for all man and lady. that patriotic and democratic idea because it level playing field. here why. rich people not have union for be rich so poor and middle class not need union for be worker. and it fair too because it help preserve wealth for ruling class who give job for worker. next get rid of child labor law too so littles go to work and help preserve wealth for ruling class. little mans and ladies work already in many country all over earth planet so why not here in exceptional usa america monkey ask. this way littles compete all over world too and competition make whole world strong and healthy planet.

number 3. no more safety and enviroment regulation for all business and industry. regulation take money right out of pocket of businessman and ceo and corporation and ruin usa america and slow up recycle of worker from old and sick to young and strong for keep business healthy. monkey ask what more important. health or profit. that no brainer. worker class need no big government protection what cost many billion of $$$. worker more happy if free to work with no big government regulate every move on factory floor or in mine or fly plane for example.

number 4. no more birth control or health care for worker class. this big help for preserve wealth of ruling class what trickle down on worker. no birth control mean worker mans and ladies make many baby grow up and replace old and sick worker. no health care for worker mean quick out the door for sick and old worker and quick in the door replacement from pool of young strong worker. this mean there always fresh supply of brand new replacement part for old and sick worker. no health care plan for worker also good because worker then just get sick or have horrible injury and die and not bother wealthy with tax for support health care. this mean wealthy mans and ladies  have more money for make even  more money for stay wealthy and make usa america #1 strong.

number 5. monkey already cover idea for big modernize usa america education system so monkey not need tell detail again how this idea work.  just follow monkey plan and there  no more worry about costly useless education. school just prepare worker fast for life as producer for rich class until worker get sick or die. no more useless education for middle class or poor. no more need outsource labor. keep job in exceptional usa america and everybody happy now 100% employment for worker mans and ladies and littles. monkey think working class need maybe only 3 year training in corporation school and then start work maybe age 7 or 8 for productive life as proud exceptional usa america # 1 worker. it important education system change fast and follow monkey idea so brain of poor and middle class learn only idea that help ruling class make wealth for trickle down all over earth planet.

number 6. it important also for prolefeed industry make even more stoopididity product for put to sleep brain of poor and middle class worker so they keep vote republican and not have room in brain for unnecessary idea and dangerous idea about social justice and class divide.

monkey think about more idea for modest proposal and post them here sometime. today simple brain of monkey poop out from so much work and need nap. so monkey say goodbye today. maybe next post monkey tell joke for fun.