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monkey think free monkey save education usa america plan happen in future and then all teacher get fired and all school close and corporation take charge of education usa america. but before that happen education today still 100 % great job for exceptional bright young mans and ladies. why. here why.

  1. it still great chance for live exceptional america dream and make many ton easy money and get rich fast and have many investment and property and yacht and live in family compound on waterfront with servant and nanny and have three or four car and all latest nice screen gadget and $1000 jeans and many celebrity and business and politician friend. teacher even get so rich can start own foundation for make thing even better in education usa america.
  2. it still great opportunity for work only few hour in week and work only 9 month in year and have great vacation time and still get rich fast with big raise every year and have happy life forever with gold parachute retirement.
  3. it still great joy for teach only happy & well adjusted & high motivated & polite & respectful & smart little mans and ladies who want be in school and want learn as much as can so can enter labor pool and help businessmans and businessladies make america economy #1 strong and exceptional through competition and live america usa dream.

    happy littles

    just look here and see happy nice behave littles in school of today prepare for live america usa dream.

  4. it still great profession for have respect of little man and little lady student and parent and community and politician and businessmans and businessladies and wealthy elite class mans and ladies. teacher = best job for have respect. just ask self. who have more respect today than teacher enjoy. here answer. nobody have so much respect.
  5. it still great happy job because there little stress in school and teacher just not have worry that everybody look and criticize job in newspaper and televisionon and internet etc. it best job in world monkey think because everybody support teacher and teacher hardly have to work at all.

so monkey now advise all bright and smart young mans and ladies go right ahead become teacher. go college and grad school and get job teach. it make you happy and rich before  monkey plan start and you get fire and corporation take over. but there big bright side. monkey think if you prove you = excellent teacher by get exceptional result on standard test maybe you get hire for work in koch brother high school or hsbc middle school or big tobacco elementary school or ronald mccdonald preschool and make giant huge salary and get big year end bonus and stock option too.

here 1 example student in classroom of tomorrow learn important stuff for live america dream and for keep usa america #1 exceptional

monkey bet you want share post right now with all bright and smart young man and lady you know so they know it great idea for enter education profession right now. monkey not hold you up. goodbye today.