Man tell monkey this post number 100 since monkey start blog. monkey ask Man what big deal. Man say 100 milestone number. why number 100 milestone number monkey ask. why not number 97 milestone. Man say maybe because mans and ladies have 10 fingers count on and 100 equal 10 time 10. 10 and 100 just nice round number catch attention. monkey say who care. one number same as other to monkey. except maybe in recipe. but milestone not what post about today. today post about how make best puffy french fries in world.

yay. here recipe for world best french fries.

it come from diner what man name dixon own long time ago. Man have recipe and call it dixons puffy french fries. here warning. puffy french fries like yum yum pizza. not diet food. not for health or lose weight. if reader eat many dixons puffy french fries probably reader die from get big & fat.

here what reader need for make french fries

potatoes cut in size and shape you like
friture for frying potato
regular or garlic salt

here what do for make puffy fries. it take 2 day if use friture or 1 day if use instead good olive oil.

day 1 reader make friture. Man say nobody know what is friture so here explanation. friture = clear fat reader make from suet around beef kidney.

  • reader get suet from butcher.
  • reader next remove all membrane and cut into many piece.
  • then reader soak pieces in ice water 24 hour.
  • after piece soak 24 hour then reader cook suet next day. cover pieces with cold water and simmer until water cook out.
  • next strain into bowl.
  • monkey think friture sound disgusting but it good & worth all trouble for make. and it not give bad smell to food.
  • ok. if reader not able for get suet from butcher for make friture monkey think good olive oil ok for substitute.

day 2 reader finish make french fries. it still day 1 if reader decide use olive oil & not use friture.

  • peel & cut potato.
  • soak all piece potato 1/2 hour in cold water for get rid of starch.
  • after soak wipe potato dry & fry in deep hot fat or olive oil until potato turn nice yellow color.
  • then take potato out of fat & cool for 5 minutes. not 4 minute and not 6 minute. 5 minute. 5 minute wait make for nice puffy potato.
  • then put potato back in hot fat or olive oil & fry more until potato turn nice brown.
  • put regular or garlic salt on nice hot fried potato and eat.

goodbye today. monkey hope reader try recipe & suggest reader eat extra crispy chicken wing & drink cold beer with puffy fries.