today monkey give mans advice for romance. Man say romance = tricky business so monkey help clueless mans with romance by tell 10 place man probably not take lady on first date if want date number 2.

  1. tour of meat packing plant
  2. birthday party of ex girlfriend
  3. chainsaw sculpture contest
  4. 3 stooge movie marathon
  5. visit old forgetful nana who make nice tuna casserole for you and date
  6. friday night bagpipe practice at firehall
  7. free coffee and snack bar while get oil change
  8. farm equipment auction
  9. investment seminar free dinner
  10. bingo

maybe monkey give more romance advice again some other day. here something more today. Man say if post today get most view all time for sock monkey say blog Man buy monkey lottery ticket. monkey have great excitement. monkey not pester Man for many week buy lottery ticket and Man say will buy ticket. btw yesterday monkey forget give recipe grasshopper. monkey edit yesterday post and it there now and it here too.