monkey read post about get in flow yesterday somewhere on other wordpress dot com blog. monkey next think about flow. for monkey get in flow mean get out of busybusybusy & unwind brain & feel how nice monkey fit in universe place.

monkey not have surprise that mans and ladies have problem for get in flow. many mans and ladies too busy multitask and watch many little screen and run around errand and make money for buy consumer crap etc. monkey not 100 % sure how make advice for get in flow for mans and ladies. but here 5 way monkey get in flow for example.

* monkey sit and breathe quiet and not think and not do anything for little while. just let simple monkey brain cool off and not work. mans and ladies can say but that not productive monkey and monkey not do anything. monkey say yes that correct. that the whole point.

* monkey go for walk with Man and Lady in nature place. just walk & watch & listen. not talk. not think. just move through wood & by pond and marsh & see bird and hear bug. mans and ladies can say that big waste time. who have time for walk in nature place. monkey say it good idea for make time for nature place. sometime it nice just for sit in sun under tree in nature place and close eyes.

* sometime monkey watch rain come on window & listen when drop hit glass & watch drop trickle down window. sometime monkey watch leaf move on tree in wind. sometime monkey watch snow dance down sky. not think. just watch drop trickle and leaf move and snow dance.

* monkey watch old black & white movie comedy not full rapid cut + big noise + crash and fight + yell + blood etc. old black white movie relax monkey and put monkey in good place and in flow.

* monkey and Man and Lady have nice 2 oclock afternoon cup tea + nice toast with jam. this = nice pause of relaxment in day. it nice time for chitchat and stop busybusybusy.

maybe flow idea from monkey help reader get in flow. monkey say goodbye today.