monkey not have serious mood today and not write about politican and moneybag mans. not write about scary alien come eat celebrity addict brain. not write about sexting congressman and monkey fear.

monkey wonder why bother write even. there not many reader and comment. monkey feel post like little fart in tornado. maybe if write juicy celebrity gossip more mans and ladies read. maybe if monkey write travel tip or recipe or how do this or how do that monkey get more reader. monkey feel like write in void. monkey think maybe quit blog.

that why monkey give joke today and not write. hope you like joke. maybe tomorrow monkey write and maybe monkey not write. Man say that up to monkey. Man always can find better thing do than help monkey write blog. here joke.

there nice lady have nice kitty. one day man drive car along street in front nice lady house and run over poor kitty. man feel bad and get out car and pick up kitty and walk up and knock on door.

nice lady open door and man ask if kitty belong lady. lady say yes and start cry.

man feel more bad and say he sorry run over kitty and like replace kitty.

that very nice say lady and ask man so how good you catch mice.

monkey hope you like kitty joke. goodbye today. maybe more write tomorrow.