monkey like old school pencil box

monkey think more about public school and ask Man what k6 school like when Man little man. Man say many time different from now. monkey ask how.  here example what old school k6 like Man say.

* little Man make friend and drink little bottle milk and nap on little rug in kindergarten

* color with crayon and fingerpaint

* there nice frog and turtle and hamster in kindergarten room

* Man learn read dick and jane and spot and puff after kindergarten

* every year little Man get new pencil box with little drawer and ruler and pencil and crayon and sharpener and other cool thing

* there nice cloakroom for kids put coat and scarf and hat and boot and lunch in brown bag

* most kid walk to school in yellow raincoat and buckle up boot when rain and splash in puddle

* littles go outside for recess k6 play on jungle gym and run around play red rover and red light green light and tag and etc

* there fun school post office and kids get letter from friend in s chool and valentine card in paper bag stuck on desk

* student run fun school bank & learn how save money and run school store where buy thing like pencil and eraser

* kids dress up for big fun halloween parade in costume like skeleton and pirate and jet pilot and spaceman

here old sergeant safety patrol badge

* little Man & other cub scout go school in cub scout uniform

* class go stand by big xmas tree in middle hall and sing xmas carol

* little Man get safety patrol badge and belt and keep eye on traffic and school so everybody safe

* there old piano in room and teacher and class sing and clap and dance sometime

* it big honor when teacher give little Man job of clap eraser outside after school & Man make chalk dust cloud

* kids go every week to school library for get new book like indian sign language and all about dinosaur

* kids play dodgeball and kickball in gym and tumble and climb rope in gym

* on nice day little Man walk home for eat lunch

* kids learn write cursive & use cool cartridge fountain pen

* after school sometime there little rascal and tarzan movie in school cafeteria

there more Man say but that enough. Man say he feel sorry for little mans and ladies today in school. push push push & do more more more and test test test.  little mans and little ladies not learn much anyway and not have much fun too. Man guess teacher also not have much fun.